Reintroduction – My Name Is OMJ and That’s Abbreviated

There’ll be signs of me reinventing my blog brand, some knowledge, and alot of information in each post.

When it comes to nicknames, I had my share of them. Names like: Jeffreies, South Bay, and Bobby Brown but none of them were titles. So, I’ll quote Hiphop “it’s about tobe lit.” Now, let the record show that OMJ is here to stand for my substantial presence in this blog machine.

OMJ is not age restricted, not by lacking physical and not held back because of any lack of mental abilities. But, OMJ is defined as such: O can stand for any word that begins with the letter O. M can stand for any word that begins with the letter M. While, J will stand for nothing but Jeff. For example: We meet while in a bookstore, waiting in line to have our book signed, by our favorite author. While in line, we start a chat but whats in a chat if we’re strangers. So, you ask me for my name. And I reply, “OMJ!” And that sparks a full blown conversation, as follows…

You: Oh My God?

Me: O.M.J.! Odd Man Jeff!

You: Oh, I get it.