The GoFundMe

Honestly, my #1 goal is to secure my kids college fun. But, in the process this can separate my kids from there real friends. So, I am creating a meaningful nonprofit organization that will award talented high school seniors and college students of all ages the chance to win scholarship money for writing about a given topic. Winners will have their project assignments published to

SCHOLARSHIPS for Higher Learning will be raised from the sales of Tshirts and donations. 75% of proceeds will sustain the production of T-shirts and merchandise while 25% will go to the business administration for business certification, procedures and operations.

Goals: help keep high school seniors and college students on the right track to college degree graduate. Drop outs can drop back into college and complete for Scholarship money. 

Why Gofundme? Because, I want donors and contributions to come from a larger source than word of mouth alone. 

Gofundme will serve as the primary mean to raise funds for graphic Tshirt production.

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